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Lotus Trips by Debbie Hudzik


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Hi. I’m Debbie, an explorer at heart, mom of two millennials and passionate about living with purpose. I’m originally from New Jersey but the wanderlust in me gave me the joy of living in Boston, California, Florida, Thailand, Australia, Bali and Mexico. I now proudly show my passport with stamps from fifteen countries.

Making a life changing decision at age fifty-two to downsize my belongings to the bare minimum and travel the world by myself for one year straight, was a dream fulfilled, my own version of Eat Pray Love. I transformed from a comfortable American woman to a global citizen. I discovered what is truly important in life by expanding my world views. I get it now, how we are all the same, no matter where we live. We all desire the same things for our lives and it has nothing to do with what we own, matching our nail polish or the having the perfect hairstyle.

Realizing that many lives are spent, in one form or another, in the pursuit of happiness, I started hosting informal guided tours of the places I lived and loved. Working with contacts I established in several countries, I began sharing my insider knowledge, favorite sites, restaurants and shops with anyone who would join me. Word started to spread about my tours which led to the launch of Lotus Trips Tour Company.

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Debbie Hudzik


Why Travel With Lotus Trips?

I solve the problem of TMI (too much information) when it comes to travel reviews of our locations. You can trust me because I’ve spent tons of time doing the research, living the life there. I also solve the, ‘I don’t have anyone to go with’ concern. My small groups become fast friends; it’s like going on a vacation with your sisters from another mother. I find that the story of one woman is often the story of another too. And I will never use a big bus, or make you line up and walk around with a flag.

We are laid back, flip flop wearing, wind in our hair, not caring if we have on makeup kind of gals.

Our sisterhood tours bring women together to connect, uplift, celebrate and empower each other. We find strength in togetherness and explore together with wonder. Our ladies return home with a greater appreciation for their own lives because, besides having a week to unwind, they too, have expanded their beliefs and world views.

Lotus Trips is the name I chose for the company because it is symbolic of my personal life and a metaphor for my guests as they blossom through travel. May you find beauty and bloom in whatever you choose; sometimes it is in your own backyard. Namaste.

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Kind Words From Past Guests

I couldn’t believe it! When I got home from my Lotus Tour, my family and co-workers asked me if I got a face lift! There was a change on the inside that showed on the outside. Looking forward to making this an annual event. Thank you so much Debbie.
Wanda, Pennsylvania

A trip of a lifetime and a wish fulfilled. A fascinating peek into Balinese culture. Lotus Trips attention to details and sincere customer service will have me coming back for more.
Barbara, New York

Thank you Lotus Trips, Finally… a guided tour for women like me who need the Calgon Take Me Away kind of trip. You mixed the right amount of planned and free time, so perfect for my first overseas vacation. Seeing how people live from a far away culture makes me appreciate all I have, I can’t wait to book again with you.
Maryann, Florida

Stop wasting time reading all the online reviews of ‘what to do in this place or that place’. One call to Debbie at Lotus Trips and I just knew. My trip with her company did not disappoint. The entire experience was a treasure. Her itinerary has it down to an art.
Sue, New Jersey

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