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Women travelling solo, BFFS, mothers & daughters of all ages and from all over the globe. Our customers have a shared interest of exploration and a curiosity about the world. These are not divas, just gals ready to experience the wonders of foreign lands and open to explorations that ultimately enhance their lives.

Good things come in small a package, that’s why our max group size is 8.

Yes yes and yes, this is a part of the beauty of our trips. A majority of our gals are solo travelers.

Our tours are designed for all ages and all fitness levels; we will not be mountain climbing. However, at times you should be able to walk for a reasonable length of time, and able to walk up steps and over uneven surfaces.

Our accommodations are always close to town, are charming, clean & representative of the local culture. To keep our trips affordable we stay at the equivalent of a 3-4 star hotel rating. We will put a maximum of two women to a room–each with twin beds. If you prefer your own room, that’s a bit extra.

Yes a list of everyone going on the trip, along with roommate assignments, is included in the Traveler’s Information Package, sent out about three weeks before departure. You will have your roommate’s email address and phone number. We encourage roommates to contact each other before the as a few minutes on the phone chatting about the upcoming trip will put you both at ease

Yes, if you really want to, but there is an extra charge for single supplements. We do our best to pair you with roommate, but if privacy is your thing, that’s okay too.

No worries here, we’re all about the food quality, you can be assured it will rock your palette. The food experiences are a huge part of the adventure, vegan, gluten free or Anthony Bourdain fearless…It’s all available.

Travel insurance is mandatory for all travelers. You must provide proof of your travel insurance prior to departure; you will not be able to join the trip without it. We recommend World Nomads because they’re simply the best.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of your arrival and contain 2 blank pages.

For Bali: Indonesia offers a FREE 30 day entry (no visa required) for over 140 countries. USA and Australia are included. More information can be found by clicking here: https://www.bali.com/visa-indonesia-entry-requirements-bali.html

For Bali: There are no compulsory vaccinations needed to enter Indonesia. Please check with your doctor if you have any special medical concerns.

For Bali: Denpasar, Indonesia (DPS). Hint, if you are coming from overseas, check out airfare using Singapore as a connection.  Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) is one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia and has 15+ flights per day to DPS.

Wi-fi will be available at our hotel and at most of the cafes and restaurants. We recommend checking with your cell phone provider before you travel to get informed about international calling plans if needed. Facebook & Skype calls are always free.

Trips are non-refundable because we have already paid our vendors on your behalf once you book the trip. If you need to cancel due to a sudden illness or serious injury, your travel insurance will cover the costs to cancel your trip including other pre-booked expenses in specific circumstances.

We want you to have the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. For this reason, our tour includes all of the ‘must see’ sights and time to chill or explore on your own. If the idea of free time worries you don’t worry, I am always happy to come along with you, where possible. Your welcome packet on arrival is full of local information and ideas for free time.

Once you are booked, we email you a suggested packing list and information packet; just know that you will want to leave lots of room for cool new clothes and souvenirs. The weather in Bali year round is excellent, expect daytime highs are between 80-85 degrees, sunscreen is a must, as is mosquito repellent.

Your tour organizer and founder of Lotus Trips, Debbie Hudzik, spent 25+years working in a variety of areas in the corporate world… until she had enough. Seeking deeper, more meaningful experiences she sold her belongings and travelled the world alone for several years. It takes guts to leave everything you know behind and step into the unknown. Yet, the clarity and freedom of being that she has experienced ever since, she now wants to show others by offering tours to the places she knows and loves. With the moxie it took to take that first step into the unknown, Debbie will guide you with familiarity and enthusiasm through the places that have inspired her.

We understand women travel differently than men. We love the dynamic that occurs when women get together and let their hair down. Our founder and your escort, Debbie Hudzik is adventurous yet humble. She will be by your side to guide and show you things you can’t find in guidebooks. Our tours are different because of Debbie’s attention to the details and her experience. Each element has a woman’s interest at heart. Wait till you see the goodie bags!

Absolutely, we are 100% committed to responsible travel. This means we help to conserve the environment and improve the well-being of local people and places we visit. Our guests are informed in best practices for energy use at the hotels, educated in local customs and culture, recycling and the environment. We also inform on the principles of fair trade and the importance of buying from local artisan groups. We work with small local businesses to support and strengthen their community with the hopes of leaving a positive impact from our visit, while preserving their cultural heritage.

That you are amazing!!! Now go tell your friends you are embarking on a journey… Relax, all the details are arranged, just come as you are.