My Top 10 Things To Do In Isla Mujeres

Top 10 Things To Do In Isla Mujeres (That You May Not Know About) The word Mexico conjures images of swirling red dresses, margaritas, and sombreros. Yes, you will find that, but that’s only part [...]

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Why You’ll Fall In Love With Isla Mujeres Mexico

Why You’ll Fall In Love With Isla Mujeres Mexico As a huge fan of tropical islands all over the world, it's time I confess to my continuing love affair with Isla Mujeres Mexico. I [...]

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Top 15 Restaurants in Ubud, Bali

My top 15 favorite Restaurants in Ubud and why you can trust this list. My family has been in the restaurant biz for 50 plus years, I’ve worked every position in restaurants, eating food, [...]

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Bali Travel Advice

Bali Travel Advice Bali is just one of the 17,000+ islands that are part of The Republic of Indonesia.The mixture of friendly people, the diverse visual culture infused with spirituality and stunning beaches have made [...]

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Bali – Culturally Speaking

Bali – Culturally Speaking Why is Bali called The Island of the Gods? Located just 8 degrees south of the Equator, no one can argue that the Bali is one of the world’s most [...]

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Introducing 8 Day Guided Bali Tours for Women

Lotus Trips Tour Company Launches Eight-day Guided Bali Bliss Tours for Women Unique and sustainable eight-day escorted tour designed for women uncovers Bali beyond Eat Pray Love fame. Maximum of eight women per tour. Lotus [...]

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